Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Making a meal from an apple pie!

Well, life goes on and as I am approaching Calendar Club time ( next week!!!)I took my mother out for the morning to hear her whine at me about how she will not be seeing me over the next few months and that I am not to forget that she is alive and how could I be deserting her etc,etc,etc.
So we go to McDonald's, which is her all time favorite food and I order her the obligatory McChicken, which I have to have three quarters of and she has a quarter, and an apple pie.
Now, we got through the burger ok, but then it was time for the apple pie.
My mother eats v e r y slowly. So slowly it is painful to watch.
But how can it take 15 minutes to eat half a McDonalds Apple Pie?
Yes..15 minutes.
I watched her twist and turn it, forget what she was doing half way through, remember again, suck out the apple, try to soften it with gulps of tea and twist and turn it over and over again.
I was would have been proud.
One of her main problems is the fact that her dentures, which were made for her when she was probably 40, no longer fit snugly and tend to move about a bit. The other problem is that half a piece of toast is now a "big meal".
I look forward to mushy food time - not!

A genuine thank you, again, to all of you that have sent their love and best wishes to us at this time. I cannot say enough just how much it has meant to us to just know that you care and are praying for the best outcome. It has meant the difference between curling up into a little ball in the darkest corner of my bedroom and being able to continue functioning.
We get back the results of the man's CT and Bone scans tomorrow and these are important ones as it will tell us how bad this beastie really is.


Cyndy said...

You are a wonderful daughter. The really good thing is that your lovely mum remembers to eat while she is eating...keep on encouraging her....

Thinking of you xC;)

Jacqui said...

Hope you have a great day despite other stuff. You're still in my thoughts. Keep on keeping on, you are doing fantastic.
Love Rylah xXx

Lisa said...

maybe mum should try a chocolate sundae

Anchell said...

Happy Birthday to Yooooouuuuuuu.....

Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lisa said...

the good thing about a sundae is even if it melts she can finish it with a straw in the car !

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday : )