Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in K.L.

We left Langkawi Island this afternoon and we are back in K.L.
We are staying 25 minutes outside the city centre in a resort hotel called the Sunway resort.
The resort is connected to a big shopping complex that would curl your toes - I am so over shopping complexes. I have seen enough over the past week to last me a lifetime.

I have now officially done my YAAD task by having completed the cable car ride yesterday - and I have pictures of my terrified super sized arse to prove it.
It was totally amazing though - well worth the paltry $8 entry fee to travel up the highest cable car in the world. You just have to do it - no words can express getting to the top and then seeing the view.

I WILL show you pics when I return.

It's baby's 14th birthday tomorrow and we were hoping to take her to the water park ( hence the decision to stay at the resort at this time )but we are all tired and baby girl is still coughing and now the man is sniffling and snorting too....
some horible bug they have both picked up.
I am sending them to the other side of the room.

The resort is huge compared to the tiny one we stayed in on the island - when we arrived there were probably 50 people waiting to check in - I dare say a bus load of Chinese had arrived.

We are on the 20th floor and have a great view of the city.

Well, only a few days left and I will be home before you know it...

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my co-dependancy is getting out of control