Thursday, May 15, 2008

It just gets better

Well and truely enjoying this special time. The food just gets better - have no room in my fat pants for my arse to fit, but who cares - I will not get these satays at home thats for sure.
We went to the highest point on the island today - it is 11,000 ft above sea level.The view was spectacular and we saw monkeys along the roadside. We forget that there is really a jungle around us.

The place was closed at the top as they were building a new hotel near the top, but the man got a security guard to let us up to see from an observation tower - we were above the clouds.
back to town for some more shopping and then the man and I went for a swim in the warm waters of the Andaman sea and watched the sunset.

We had a super meal tonight at a very quaint restaurant that would probably be shut down if it tried to serve food in Australia, but here it had "atmosphere". The food was to die for - traditional Malay. The man had a beef randang that made him sweat and baby girl had pancakes with icecream.
Alll is good - our last full day here tomorrow - cable car here we come.

I really like it here - now that I am accustomed to it.

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