Monday, May 19, 2008

Last night in K.L.

Have met up with a friend here and given her a reading......does this make me an "international reader" now?????

Maybe not?

Had a lovely evening out with a family we have gotten to know here - they are taking us to Chinatown tomorrow.
Lots of drama today - nearly got poisoned in the stpid hotel - they started painting the timber next door with laquered paint ...stupid idiots.
The smell was shocking, so I called the manager and demanded a change of rooms immediately...they had no where to put us except in the upgraded rich arse section of the hotel - so here we are.
We also went to the "wet and wild" style theme park attached to the hotel complex today. The beby needed some encouragement to get on the slides and by the time she wanted to try them it was almost too late as we had wasted half the day changing rooms and unpacking all over again...
what a bummer for our last day eh...

I am here in the hotel lobby as it is the only place we can get internet connection...see what I do to keep in contact.

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