Sunday, May 11, 2008

Down time in Lagkawi

Yippee!!!Free internet access at the airport!!
We are waiting to board our local flight to the island of Langkawi - the next four days are for rest and relaxation.
Langkawi is duty free, but they tell us that unless we smoke and drink, there is not much to buy.
I guess it remains to be seen.
I am looking forward to reading my books - am into a very interesting one by Ramtha that I picked up at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival about manipulating time and understanding our own internal programming systems - working beyond the neocortex and into the midbrain.

This is all about quantum mechanics.

Interesting shit - but thought provoking indeed and I need some quiet space to digest it.

I can count the white English looking people on one hand - mostly Arabs and Asians here today.

Aleks has had her fill of McDonalds as there isn't one on the island - they have a mega mac here which has four beef patties - arterial clogging to say the least.

This is the next part of the journey and I am slightly apprehensive - we have heard good and bad about the island.

Talk to you all soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yum - bring me home a mega mac! With all the preservatives it will still be just as fresh when you get back!

Lucky you...... relaxing, I can just picture it now.
Take it easy, love mon