Sunday, May 25, 2008

Psychic Fair at Maitland

Spent the day at East Maitland Bowling Club at a Psychic Fair today. It turned out pretty good even though, to begin with, I was a bit worried about how the day would pan out.
I made some money, so it was all good.
There was one creepy guy who was doing a reading for a ten year old boy who was accompanied by his mother - he was with him for over an hour!I really think that it is wrong to do a reading for someone so young even if they have their mother with them. I have done some palmistry for a few teenagers but it is more about an explanation of character traits and strengths and weaknesses - I try to avoid any readings for under 18 year olds like the plague but sometimes you are placed in a difficult situation and it is hard to say no so palmistry comes in handy.
But to do a reading at a psychic fair and to fill a young lads head with whatever?
Not my cup of tea sorry...

Anyway, another big week ahead. I will be introduced to the new YAAD students tomorrow night - I will have a mersyndol and wine ready.


Faerie said...

I agree ... kids do not "need" readings, particularly hour-long-creepy-guy ones!

I like Doreen Virtue's Magical Unicorn cards ... they seem to be particularly designed for children and their messages are focussed towards boosting self-esteem etc ...

Bee said...