Monday, May 26, 2008

Survived YAAD

Last night was my first night of the new YAAD class and I am happy to say that all went well.
Unfortunately they all wanted to stay and have a chat afterwards and I was pushing them out the door after class as I wanted to get home...
Teaching is quite complicated - there is a lot of pressure on you to deliver a sensible dialogue and to keep it interesting. I can sometimes feel myself standing there going "what do I think I am doing?", but with a class full of newbies there will always be someone who asks a really good question and that will open up a whole new area of discussion.

I am still feeling tired in the mornings and my wish is to continue sleeping - it is very hard to get going.

Am meeting my older daughter daughter for lunch today - she just got herself a new job in town with a hot shot law firm and is very happy. Plus she is going to be earnng quite a very good wage ( always a bonus ).


Lisa said...

we are so blessed with our work !

Jewell said...

yay glad you made wait till i'm in the class then...well you just wait hehehehe