Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blow me down, I am in K.L.

Where the f***k am I?
Why is everybody so well dressed?
Yesterday we took most of the day to get to K.L.Flight was trouble free and we landed at 8pm our time after having left Newcastle at 6.30 in the morning.
K.L. Airport is so big that you need a shuttle bus from where the plane lands to take you to the terminal building! I have never seen anything so clean and huge in my life!And everyone is so quiet - Lisa you would love it here!
We took a taxi from the terminal to our hotel - another one hour trip ( almost ) on a BRAND NEW SUPER HIGHWAY......remember, we were on this road for about one hour!!!!
It nhad just been opened about three months before our arrival.

We got to our very spiffy hotel at about 10pm our time.
Our room is super and I must say the Petronis Towers at night are something else to behold - they are simply stunning. You can see them from all points of the city and they look surreal as nothing else like it lights iup the skyline.

We rested and then left to look for our first meal.
We went to Chinatown bypassing all the "big name" stores that are just over the road from where we are staying. Dolce Gabana, Lois Viton, Fendi, oh Lordy, my daugter Monika would have a cardiac arrest!
We are next to all the posh hotels ( ours sneeks in at the back ) such as the Marriott and others that are too expensive to mention.

In Chinatown we found a decent looking stall going past the fried frogs and freshly cooked turtles, still swimming in the tank ( thought that I would add that in ) and had a most sensational meal of sizzling beef, ginger chicken and fried rice all for about $12. The tastes and smells were all enveloping - I wass on overload. Did I mention that it was about 1am in the morning by now????

Aleks was falling asleep at the table and we could not feel our feet... so when we finished, we hobbled back to the hotel and went to bed about 2am.

Today we got up for a lovely brekkie with a huge amount of French pastries and toast, eggs, fruit, on and on......

We then hit the street and got into our first big Mall - the expensive places are beautiful but empty - the Malls that everyone goes to are the cheaper ones that have about seven levels with small stalls that have EVERYTHING x 10.

Aleks has sent us broke with Anime stuff - we have stopped in to have lunch.... again a culinary delight and now I am catching up with you guys as I have no free connection on my lap top from the Hotel ( I am using the internet cafe which costs $1 per hour).

We are going on a small sight seeing tour this afternoon on one of those tourist buses that take you around the city - you can get on and off as many times as you like.

Our friend from Jakarta is sending her sister to meet us this evening ( she is a local ) to take us out to dinner.
Oh well, its tough but someone has to do it!!
Am heading back to go to the Pool for an hour as it is meltingly hot at the momnet and I may have to down a cocktail or two....tough...
Love to you all...
Will blog again soon..


Lisa said...

sounds like hell
wish i were there...........

meanwhile back in the real world !

Jen said...

i had a shitty kira bashing meeting with 10 of her teachers here today. wish i was there. sounds positively scrummy!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to the next installment.


Jewell said...

sounds like sheer bliss

Have been in KL very big no?!

Tesah said...

Glad to hear you're having fun!!

Faerie said...