Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get me outa here!!!!

I am in an all to human environment and my Phartian mentality has become strained....
shopping complexes and Phartians do not mix well - but we ventured out as it is little coughing baby's birthday today so we needed to have Macca's and find a birthday cake.
This we did - and we have sung happy birthday and eaten chocolate cake. We might go to the cinema and watch "Narnia - Prince Caspian" as this is baby girls wish.

The man is a shadow of himself - snoffing and coughing and burning chest and all.

We are holding up well.

Lots of Asians ( strange about that eh? ) and we are sometimes the only "white people" to be seen...
Many people from Singapore head into this hotel complex as it is direct from the airport - they can get off a plane, bypass K.L. central, book into a room and shop til they drop ( everything is apparently hugely cheaper here than in Singapore although for us it is as expensive as at home ). Not so many Arabs, but when one appears in a head to toe black outfit with only the eyes showing it is still somewhat spooky looking.

The Indians are pushy and rude and we only see Malays serving in the shops - this place is too expensive for them. It IS only a shopping mall and the main hotel lobby acts as a thoroughfair for the mall itself so there is a constant stream of people passing through.

I really want to go back to K.L. but I dont know whether the clan will be well enough to take the trip - we need to catch a taxi into town, about a 20 minute drive.

It is Sunday today - a day off for most Malays and we are told that it is their day to sleep in and then to go window shopping. Tomorrow they celebrate Wesak and it is another holiday for them so it will be busy everywhere.

I would prefer to be back on the beach at Langkawi - at least it would be quiet.
But the idea of travelling is to experience as much as possible - good, bad or indifferent.

There are amazingly few Americans here - maybe as it is a Muslim country?
I don't know, but we have only hear one or two people with an American accent. On the island there were many Germans, Dutch and French.

Did I mention that I broke my glasses?
Both sides are scratched and busted but still hanging together - thank goodness or I would be quite blind.

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Lisa said...

come home this instant !
enough is enough!
we need you becasue me on my own is not YOU
and i am laughing imagining you with hangy on-y specs
and the point of travelling is not or should not be discomfort- it should be to give you an appreciation of home and cottage so you will COME BACK !