Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Survivor Langkawi

Baby has a rotten cough and only wants to sit in front of the t.v. watching her anime dvd's - she is no fun.
The man and I dropped off our laundry up the road this morning and then I just had to find some cheese as I had a craving for it {crazy eh?}
We got into our little sports car and headed off to the cable car. Unfortunately it was shut and will be tomorrow as well - so we can only hope to do it on our last day. It looks spectacular and very scary - I MEAN VERY SCARY.If I do this consider it my YAAD task done and dusted as I can see myself soiling my underwear here.

It rained for the first time today, for about half an hour and we got to see some magnificent views of the storm clouds coming in over the mountains.

Last night we had a Malay feast - it was the most expensive meal we have had while on hols.
It cost us 69 ringit which is about $33 and that was for two people - so about $17 each for a banquet style meal with yellow rice, white rice, chicken curry, satay beef and chicken, barramundi, prawn, calamari, shredded beef, potatoes in a sweet curry, fruit strips in a chilli sauce and pineapple and zuchinni in a chilli sauce.

Yes....all of this for $17 per person and we struggled to get through. It could have fed 3 people easily.

Baby girl is finding it hard to eat something on the menu, often sticking to just boring steamed rice, but what can you do? She is just not willing to try anything as hard as we try to convince her.
She is making it up with duty free chocolate.
Hope all is well at home. Thinking of you all and knowing that too soon we will be at home again.


Lisa said...

please dont go on the cable car, it makes me ill thinking about it.
a dreadfull sense of foreboding

Faerie said...

... But what a view from the cable car it will be!

Rylah/Jacqui said...

Damn, I'm soiling my undies just looking at the bloody picture!!!!!!!!!