Saturday, May 03, 2008

Brain meltdown

I had a party booking this afternoon to do readings for a lady who was having a doe show - always a dodgy event, but she was "older" - this was her second time around, and seemed quite well to do - so I thought that I would go for it as I could do with extra dosh before hitting oompah loompah land next week.

I was promised around ten women would have a reading, which would have made the afternoon a worthwhile event, each reading about 5-10 minutes.
When I arrived there were 30 women there - wine, canapes, balloons etc...all very "noice".

Now, it could have gone one of two ways - either, the first few ladies would have a reading and tell the others that I was total shit in which case I would be leaving shortly thereafter....or I would get my ten ladies, as promised.
I was hoping for the second outcome.

I started at 2.30pm.

At 6pm, I was still doing readings with women fighting for a place as I had said that I would be having to leave shortly as I was brain dead...

I had done 18 readings.

I think they liked me.

(Thankyou to whoever was watching over me this afternoon and gently keeping my foot out of my mouth and my brain functioning).


Faerie said...

Now you can go shopping while on holidays (or rest your brain)!

p.s. I like you too!!!

Jen said...

wow!!! well done, that is huge.

i can feel a shopping spree coming on!!

Rylah/Jacqui said...

Well done! Congrats :)

Lisa said...

well done - that is a lot of readings !