Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smells like Bali!

The smells are interestingly familiar, very much like Bali - the humidity makes everything smell somewhat sweet and then you layer with spices from all the corners of the earth and you have K.L. Central.
We took a Hop-on Hop-off tourist bus to take a tour around the city - it was supposed to last 45 mins, so we were told.I had a cup of coffee before getting on - 3 hours later we were still on that bus, stuck in grid lock traffic with that cup of coffee just dying to come out. As usual the man was making the best of efforts to make me laugh - and my bladder hung teniously on tenterhooks.....
We finally made it off that bus and I literally was doubled over with a totally full bladder. We ran into the nearest Mall and searched for a toilet - finally with salvation in sight, I entered the first cubicle to toilet paper, the next, no paper....NO PAPER ANYWHERE......I walked out again and was killing myself with could this be happening? It was the Gods having a mighty good we headed for the nearest chemist to buy some tissues I could use ( yes...I can hear you...I could have gone without the loo paper...but, no, I cant ).
To add insult to injury, the only tissues they had were being sold in six box lots....again, here I am screaming with laughter in the corner of this shop with all and sundry giving me the evil eye....we finally found some small tissue pakets up in the front counter and having purchased those......I ran.


Later we were met by a friend of mine's bother and sister in law and taken to a very swanky restaurant for dinner. She took us sight seeing the next day, one of the highlights being Batu caves which is a holy place about 30kms out of the city centre. You have to walk up a very steep 272 steps to get into the caves but once there it is a totally amazing place. Yes, it IS only a cave, but it has so far been the best of all places here. We spent time just sitting and watching people pray and be blessed by the priests ( It is Hindu ).
We then went to see the biggest undercover bird park in the world, still in the city and then we went to the Petronis towers to eat - it has THE BEST food hall I have ever seen!!!!!Wow, laksa, thai,indian, islamic, Morrocan,noodles, everything and all fresh and tasty.
We went to Kinokonia - a huge bookshop in the towers, most books are about half or three quaters the price of home. Thier new age section would have made you all cry!Needless to say Baby girl wanted everything she saw...we got a few books each.

We crashed but managed to get out again later on and have a Morrocan feast in one of the small restaurants near us.

Today is Mother's Day and we are taking it easy.
Some shopping this morning and venturing to Chinatown for the street stalls this afternoon.
We leave for Langkawi tomorrow.
Hope they have an internet cafe there.....
We are all well, no tummy bugs....just tired feet and aching limbs from walking and shopping.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUM. Sounds like your having a great time. Back at work for me today :-( Everything is well. Thinking of you. Keep having fun, and eat lots of yummy food for me. Love mon x o x

dusty said...

Wow you so lucky. Its great to read about it all. All the best. Enjoy.

Jewell said...

Happy, Happy Mother's day to the sound of the caves my kind of place