Monday, May 05, 2008's a blog to get rid of fatty boombah!!

Following a huge demand to get rid of the last iconic piccy on my blog I have been forced to give you more informaion about Phart.

We all start as single cell amoebas on Phart - and frankly most of us end up staying that way.
We only have one orifice, and that is usually busy either eating liquified food or in excreting vile gaseous substances.

Very typically, we believe that we are the centre of the universe and that the sun shines out of our arse.
Any Phartian that believes that there could be other more intelligent creatures inhabiting lesser evolved solar systems, such as earth, are punished for their beliefs and are sent there to live amongst the creatures that they so love to defend.

After studying the extensive photographic literature available on earthling life, such as this fabulous example above, we Phartians are quite partial to you lot - we hope that you can except us for who we truely are.

Above, is a very rare photo of a Phartian when not wearing an earthling costume - are we not beautiful?

More info later.....


Lisa said...

stunning !

Jewell said...

beautiful inside and out xx

Áine said...

So that's what you look like in the morning??

Hippy Witch said...

thats better than the fat arse