Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I have been back on Oz for about two days now and am still finding it hard to adjust.
Because of the time difference, we were often still up at 3am ( our time )and so my body clock is still a bit out of whack - have a massive headache this morning that I cannot seem to shake.
I would like to go back to bed but need to take mother to the shops..
Some things have changed in the little time that I have been away and I need to get up to speed with the happpenings at the Cottage and back in the groove of YAAD.
I finished my second painting during my art class yesterday - will post it shortly for you all to see. Am rather chuffed with the results, but, as usual in my world, the moment I find something that I like the universe starts to make things difficult for me as is happening with art, as our teacher has told us that he is cutting classes.
Pooh - I just started going!!!!
I guess, we wil see what happens there as time progresses.I just so want to continue with my art, I have waited so long to do it.


Lisa said...

the cottage will slow down till you catch up
welcome back
you are very loved

Faerie said...

Yes, Welcome Home!